Children sitting on the edge of a swimming pool shot from behind


How quickly will my child advance through the stations?

This varies greatly depending on each child’s age, athleticism and natural comfort level in the water. It may take a few weeks or more for a very young child to progress beyond Station 1. We will NOT advance a child before they have mastered the skills of their first station. Remember, proper breathing is the key to successful swimming! It all depends on the individual child!

What can I expect on my child’s first day of class?

On your child’s first day of class, we make a thorough assessment of each child’s skills so that they are placed in the appropriate station. Our stations are taught in small groups of no more than 3 students to one coach.  You can expect your child to spend a lot of time learning proper breathing techniques both on-land and in the water the first few days of class. Good breathing is the KEY to good swimming. A child who has not learned how to breathe properly tires more quickly in the water. We will spend a lot of time working on bobs and other breathing exercises at all of our SwimAmerica stations.