is a nationally recognized swim school developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association. SwimAmerica™ licenses our learn-to-swim program which emphasizes water safety, swim technique, fun and swimming for fitness. All of our coaches are trained and certified by SwimAmerica™. Your swimmer will gain skills for safe, effective swimming, leading to success in future swimming activities.

Starting with the most basic skill, blowing bubbles in the pool, swimmers advance through 10 skill stations from “roll over and float” to advanced Stroke School. Children are taught in small groups and move to higher skill stations as they achieve the advancement goals of their station.

Swim School is stations 1-6, offered to children ages 4 and older. Classes are 30 minutes each, with a 4:1 student coach ratio.

Stroke School is for advanced swimmers in stations 7-10. Classes are 45 minutes each. Students must be evaluated before being enrolled in the stroke school class.


There are well-defined skills that are recognized at every step. In each of the 10 stations swimmers are rewarded for their efforts and accomplishments which builds their self-confidence. Each swimmer is presented with a special certificate which clearly defines their progress as they build swimming technique and ability.

A Graduation Certificate is awarded to each child at the end of his or her first session. Upon graduating from each level, students receive special gold stickers to place on their certificate. In addition, they are given an Advancement Card that lists the requirements for their next level. You can follow your child’s progress by checking the back of their certificate, which outlines the advancement skills of each station. The program director or site supervisor does on-going evaluations of each swimmer during the session and will advance a swimmer when they are ready for the next station.


Our program is concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics from the beginning, as correcting errors is more difficult later in the developmental progression. The program director, site supervisors, and coaches emphasize correct swimming skills from the very first lesson and have been professionally trained to offer your child the latest in swimming technique.

Water Safety

Water safety is an important part of the program. Early on, children are taught to “roll over and float.” This is a necessary skill in case of a water emergency. “Roll over and float” will be reviewed at every lesson. While SwimAmerica™ students receive only the highest quality instruction, it’s important to remember that no child is ever water safe unless supervised by an adult at the water’s edge.
Valley of the Moon Aquatics was founded as a non-profit swim club with five students at Hanna Boys Center in 1994. Under the direction of Arden Kremer, the school grew to over 170 students. Our vision is to introduce the sport of swimming to the children of Sonoma Valley.

All classes take place at the Hanna Boys Center Pool located at 17500 Arnold Drive in Sonoma. When you come to the intersection of Aqua Caliente Road and Arnold Drive, go through the main entrance of Hanna Boys Center. Drive around the sports field and take your first right to the pool area parking area.

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