Board of Directors


Arden Kremer

Arden is a founding member of Valley of the Moon Aquatics/SwimAmerica Sonoma. She grew up swimming in the ocean in New Jersey and is passionate about sharing the lifesaving skill of swimming.


Cynthia Leonard

Cynthia is passionate about swimming and swim safety. Cynthia has coached some of the fastest kids in Northern California and is very detail oriented about swimming technique. Cynthia cares deeply about the process of learning and believes in connecting with each swimmer to find the best way to address their needs. Cynthia is also a lifeguard and paramedic.


Sam Coturri

Sam is a native Sonoman and a life-long swimmer. He is dedicated to building a community that supports all residents of Sonoma Valley through accessible programs and facilities. He is a principal in his family's wine business and in his free time Sam can be found fooling around in his backyard with his wife Alice and their daughter Althea.


Eileen Bowers

Eileen is a lifelong Sonoman. She is a mother of 2, grandmother of 4 who all learned and are learning to swim at SwimAmerica Sonoma. Eileen has the peace of mind knowing they can swim and play safely in water and wants to spread that peace of mind to all of the moms and grandmas in Sonoma Valley.

Lauren Cadwallader

Lauren Cadwallader

Lauren grew up a water bug and her favorite stroke is butterfly. For her, swimming is one of the greatest joys in this world and teaching people of all ages to swim allows them to safely enjoy the water. Lauren enjoys volunteer work and the opportunity to participate in the community.