SwimAmerica Sonoma

was founded with the belief that swimming is a life skill that should be available to all children no matter their financial need. Founding board member John Goggin led our efforts to bring swimming into all corners of the community through gentle guidance and quiet leadership. For 17 years, the scholorship program has functioned in John’s image, by quietly helping as many Valley of the Moon children as possible learn to swim.

The John F. Goggin Memorial Scholarship Fund

will continue to work with Sonoma Valley families to help meet their financial needs. The scholarships are awarded on sliding scale based on need, however all swimmers are asked to provide at least 50 percent of tuition. We encourage anyone concerned about the cost of swim school to inquire about the scholarship, our goal is for every child in the valley to know how to swim.

SwimAmerica Sonoma accepts donations to the Goggin Scholarship Fund through the 501c3 nonprofit Valley of the Moon Aquatics. Donations can be made by check or through our PayPal account and all donations are tax-deductible.